TSCR Board Member David Bales

A native Austinite, David found his passion in life when he co-founded Texans for Stem Cell Research (TSCR), a 501c3 non-profit in 2008. He has served as the Chairman of this all volunteer organization from the beginning with the expressed purpose of educating the public and the policymakers in Texas on not only the incredible life saving potential of stem cell research but the economic benefits to the state of Texas as well.

In this role, David has worked extensively with the leading doctors and scientists in the state conducting FDA clinical trials. TSCR is dedicated to communicating the progress of these trials to the citizens of our state. TSCR also assists in fundraising for clinical trials for members of our Medical Advisory Committee.

For the last seven years, this interaction with the medical community and policymakers has allowed David to understand the current needs of this research and the expectations of what the doctors and scientists in Texas hope to accomplish in the future with this cutting edge research.

Prior to founding Texans for Stem Cell Research, David worked as an investigator for The Texas Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Unit in which he helped uncover a major fraud in the mental health industry that when shuttered, saved the state millions of dollars while improving conditions with the mentally challenged. However, his favorite work was as Research Director of the Texas Senate Nominations Committee and assistant to the Senate Finance Committee. In this role, he aided Senators in finding excessive waste in many state agencies which led to a change in how consulting contracts were awarded.

When not pursuing his advocacy work, David enjoys spending time with his family, reading a book from his daddy’s library, traveling and competitive golf.

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